‘up’ is a creative force in the Industrial, Furniture, Product & Interior Design disciplines. We strive to use locally sourced materials, environmentally responsible finishes and methodologies, whilst providing a standard of quality rarely seen in today’s market.

Founded only in 2009, the studio is setting new standards for the items we surround ourselves with in our live, work and play environments. A strong focus is on Furniture and Product Design, and although all objects are handcrafted in house, they often fall into the category of Industrial Design. Functionality is key, as is a strong environmental ethos towards our process - which leads the team to producing particularly unique, fun and inspiring designs with as little environmental damage as possible.

Our list of products is forever growing. Hooks, shelves, lighting, from residential to commercial... Quotes, concepts, prototypes and all custom works are our livelihood. If we don’t have it and you need, let us know!

Every new project is an exciting challenge and we strive to think outside the box here at urbanproduct. Past collaborations have included the likes of Oakley, Tom Dixon, The Hudsons Bay Copmany... but every client that comes to us with a need, is treated with the same in-depth research and developmental process to achieve a piece that is specific to their needs. An initial meeting, either on site or at our studio in Toronto’s Bloordale, tends to get things rolling, and regular contact and updates throughout the creative process, keeps you informed.

Our products are finished with a unique hand rubbed finish which is VOC free, non toxic and completely child and pet friendly. [as are all our wooden items pieces]

urbanproduct concentrates most of it’s energies on developing new products and housewares that are not only unique in their function but also in their aesthetics and qualities. We strive to stand out in the crowd, to go against the grain if you will, and we do so with considered process, research and development. Our objects are to be used and enjoyed, looked at and treasured. Durable and environmentally conscious objects manifest from only the best local lumbers and FSC certified woods, which are carefully selected and transformed, and often combined, with metals, and other complimentary natural materials such as cork and leather. We have a distinct aesthetic and our favourite forms resurface in many of our products – leading others to imitate but never duplicate our original, unique and creative designs.

Figuring out the best way to use a space is something that fascinates us - utilizing the most awkward corners and transforming every room into a functional and beautiful space helps us to re-imagine our traditional methods and ways of living. As our modern spaces change, our habits of work, sleep and play alter and our growing need for compact environmentally-sound and healthy spaces becomes increasingly important. Our products lend themselves to these new issues with their practicality and form. Whether its bed, bath, kitchen or dining, we have products and solutions to make your space sleeker and more practical.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with urbanproduct. They make exceptionally beautiful furniture that is at a level of craftsmanship that is almost "unknown" in this day and age. They are creative and friendly and really went the extra mile to get me my custom pieces in time for our extremely tight deadline. These guys are my first call for any project that requires something beautiful for a discerning client.

Rebecca Kelly