Our products are designed, hand picked & hand made in house. We strive to produce items of high quality, rarely matched in todays market. Form and functionality combine to create unique items for any space.
schtick canadiana clothing hanger

Canadiana refined - two hockey sticks fused together and fitted with a rare earth magnet, these hangers are custom made to fit your space - 12”min/ 54” maximum.

tawt canadiana blanket box

Solid local hardwood 'extrusion' sold by the linear foot. These units are entirely modular and can extend all the way around a room or vertically up one wall. Keep shoes up off the floor in a seamless and timeless manner.

tawt canadiana blanket box

Tawt boxes double as storage & side tables. End grain butcher block construction shows the natural character of the lumber. These are hand finished with a 100% natural hand rubbed oil for durability & long life.

bed bros bedside table unit custom

Two shelves, one drawer and no visible hardware. This guy allows ample storage and a visual pleasure.

NUß Door Hardware

Nuß hardware is hand made in house from FSC certified lumber & spun aluminum. We hand craft every piece with care and maintain the highest standards of finishing. Finishes are 100% natural, UV resistant & weatherproof, & the largest hardware in our collection, with a 1 inch diameter, lends itself well to entranceway doors.

ripple nespresso capsule holder

Fits approx forty capsules and allows for storage of individual flavours with easy access. Bamboo, Industrial Felt and Aluminum. Can be free-standing or wall-mounted.

edge live edge slab bed

Lightweight yet sturdy, this bed was designed to ship flat packed and is perfect for tight spaces. Custom live edge headboards can be chosen.

Dune Hardwood 3D Wall Art Tile

Our most popular product is entirely customizable - Any North American hardwood hand finished to suit clients needs.

kracked live edge mirror

We hand select the most beautiful live edges for use in our “Kracked” mirrors series.

kerf thresher board up-cycled coffee table

Re-claimed 1.5” thresher boards are salvaged from local buildings for this coffee table.

bamboo modern chair

An affordable and comfortable chair taking inspiration from retro styling, but with contemporary lines & structure..

kurdenza chest of drawers epoxy finish

Sleek & low profile, high gloss epoxy frame holds hand built roasted maple drawers. A secret drawer is almost invisible, whilst the remainder are fit with custom aluminum pulls..

bottle lights beer bottle pendant lights

We love beer, and we love well packaged beers. Supply us with your favourite milkware/earthenware vessels and we’ll slice/cord and fit them up..

zero bamboo bathroom vanity

A floating vanity in plyboo with hand carved recesses, eradicate the need for hardware.

spalted maple and steel coffee table

Wrapped in industrial steel, this spalted maple slab offers a dynamic and vibrant centre piece.


We try to eliminate waste from our shop. So we use as many off cuts as possible in these charms.

dune gypsum 3d wall art tile

A pure and raw form, suitable for dry environments only. Though can be sealed or painted to cleint specifications.

upin bamboo rolling pin

Beautiful bamboo ply is durable dense and polished. Finished with 100% all natural and foodsafe oil.

raw live edge dining table

Live edge book matched slabs upon an elegant arching base frame in solid lumber.

bob walnut coffee table

Named after a legendary greyhound close to Urbanproduct. Due to it’s ultra thin profile [3/8”]. Bob is a lightweight & elegant occasional table.

belle - modern coffee table

Solid handcarved coffee table with Georgian wire glass shelving.

pusch solid wood jewellery box

Pusch get’s it’s name as the first made was a custom order as a push present. Hand carved cavities provide ample storage in a sq foot chunk of solid walnut.

throo side unit

This TV or Dining hutch is also a great space divider. Custom aluminum hardware dissects the solid framework with end grain detail in the surface..

bud urban herb planter

Small bud vases turned on the lathe to hold stems/and small house plants/herbs.

flint wall hooks

Heart shapes that spilt in two to form the Flint. Hidden wall mounts to put just about anywhere your heart desires.

hive custom cutlery storage and picnic set

This refined maple crate houses 20 sets of silverware [not included] in walnut trays which double as serving platters.

bike box wall mount bike storage

Plyboo cube mounts easily to wall to provide not just bike storage but with plenty space for your chain, lights..etc

busty concrete jewellery bust

A slender + elegant form for the desplay of your most treasured necklaces.

tanker desk refinished

At any given time we’re working on refurbishing these old gems. Contact us for availability.

hop patio custom table tops

Designed for the outdoors, these table tops use the contrasting colours of sandeka & roasted ash, bolted together through brass findings + anodized aluminum.

lapp shelving

Solid finger joint construction and hidden hardware make for a dynamic, intersecting shelf display.

wine-o wall mount wine holder

The perfect modular solution for wine storage - Solid, turned tiles that wall mount with ease.

hair pin 2 live edge desk

UP-cycled barnboard and steel hairpin legs add an elegant, simple solution to your office.

nook compartmant coffee table

Need to replace your old outdated marble table? We re-use old marble furntiure into the nook. The Nook provides hidden storage in 3 compartments for your living room clutter.

stealf shelf

A shelf with a stealthy Demeanor. 45 degree angled jointwork makes for a subtle corner detail.

Mitre Live Edge bench

Live Edge slabs mounted on aluminum framing.

mrt t t joint walnut bench

Strong and masculine in it’s form, the “T” can be both bench or table.

beam wheels is live edge slab on wheels for bench

Tight space? Diningroom bench or guest seating. This UP-Cycled beam will be one of the best space savers you’ll ever need.

spun bird feeder

Hand turned solid feeder has two troughs - one covered for seed & one on top for water. Suspended on tension wire.

up pad ipad wall mount holder

Suited for iPad 2, 3 & 4. For landscape or portait. Have one in every room - allows access to buttons and charging dock.

bamstool bar stool custom

Bam Bar Stool is inspired by Bam Chair. Great for a contemporary breakfast bar.

ceeda outdoor storage & bench

This design was sparked by a friends wish to get rid of the tool shed. Lawn mower + various tools can be stored easily , within this elegant garden bench.

mash up kitchen masher

Made with one of the hardest woods around. This masher will live up to it’s name.

once jewellery cabinet

Our friend, a jeweller, needed a lot of storage for her creations. Though this one is 3 modules stacked we will gladly create one to fit your requirements. The lumber in this was salvaged from old church pews.

typo type face necklace

UP-cycled letterpress is beautiful and slowly becoming obsolete. Give a loved one their initials to keep forever.

roasty roasted maple hand made bed

Roasted Maple, bed. Deep Reds and browns to cozy your bedroom, and storage within.

splice necklace

Steel wire neck chain with a our wooden offcuts, framed in aluminum. Various local hardwoods, and a variety of coloured neck chains to choose from!

Canadiana Shelfskii

A shallow walnut shelf unit utilizing skiis as coat hooks, with handy magnets for keys - the perfect cottage entryway piece.

Canadian Fruit/Bread Bowl

UP-cycled skiis receive wood veneer and are held in unison with a custom aluminum base. These are perfect to run down the centre of any table.